Digital Citizenship

June 9, 2019

Just like there are standards for being a good citizen in our communities, nation, and the world, there are standards for being a good digital citizen.  Digital citizenship includes digital communication, the use of digital materials, searching and sharing information on the internet, buying and selling online, and more!  Being a good digital citizen means being mindful about the way we interact in the digital environment.  At MSAD60 we strive to foster good digital citizenship, consistent with our mission statement: 


We empower all students to develop an enthusiasm for learning, foster confidence through successes and failures, provide service to others, and achieve their personal, social, and academic best,

leading to fulfilling and engaged lives for all.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Footprint        

What you post online stays online.  It leaves behind a trace called a digital footprint. Be sure to think before you post!

Digital Citizenship Resources 

Digital Citizenship Vocabulary



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  • Parents' Guide to Cybersecurity

  • Chatting with Kids About Being Online

  • What Every Teen Needs to Know About Their Digital Footprint


  • Common Sense Media for Educators

  • Digital Citizenship Resource Roundup from Edutopia

  • Safe Online Surfing (from the FBI)

  • ISTE Resources for Teacher Digital Citizenship

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